Steps To Reset Yahoo Password Without Recovery Phone Number

In order to keep the account secure, Yahoo users are advised to choose a strong password. Such password should be made of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. It also should be longer than at least 8 characters. If you create such a password, you will make the job for hackers extremely difficult. But, there is one downside – you will probably have problems remembering it.

Reset Yahoo Password Without Recovery Phone Number

In fact, the lost password is the most common problem that users face, according to the people from Yahoo support Australia. That is why Yahoo support has come up with a simple solution – if you forget your password, you can retrieve it by using the code you’ll receive on your phone. But, what are you supposed to do if you haven’t yet connected your mobile phone with your account?

Recovering Yahoo Account without a Phone Number

Resetting your Yahoo password without a recovery phone number can be tricky, so maybe the best solution is to ask professionals for help. Our advice is to give a call to the our customer support number 1-800-921-785 and have the tech agents guide you through the whole process.

Alternatively, you can try to solve this issue without calling us. If this is your choice, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Go to Yahoo Sign-In Help page
  • Step 2 – Type in your Yahoo email address
  • Step 3 – Click Skip when asked to get a verification code on your mobile
  • Step 4 – Yahoo will ask you security questions that you had set up during the registration

If you answer correctly to the security questions, you will get your account back. When you get a hold of it, we urge you to connect your mobile phone with it, as well as an alternative email account!

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